HealthBar Forms Alliance with Leading Data & Analytics Platform

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HealthBar Forms Alliance with Leading Data & Analytics Platform

HealthBar News

Grand Rapids, MI – December 5, 2023 – HealthBar, a leader in healthcare solutions for employers has formed a new partnership with Innovu, the national leader in data analytics for clinicians, advisors, and employers.

HealthBar’s unique solutions for employers are centered around a comprehensive scope of services through virtual concierge and onsite clinics that achieve overall employee engagement of more than 70%. By comparison, most digital-only solutions currently in the market average 5-10% engagement according to a recent study.

HealthBar’s Healthcare Partnership Program, which primarily serves employers in the 200 – 1000 employee space,  is averaging 22% quarter-over-quarter growth. With this demand, the organization has prioritized investments in their clinical operations that are fueling results for employers. For example, the average employer who elects to have an onsite program with HealthBar is seeing 14% net savings in their medical spending within the first 12 months.

“We are thrilled to be collaborating with the team at Innovu,” says HealthBar’s Integrator and Director of Operations, Jeff Skinner. “In order to fully realize our mission to change lives through accessible healthcare services we pride ourselves on proactive management and support of medical needs. By leveraging the expertise of Innovu we can more fully dive into the available data and further improve decisions, transparency in reporting, and ultimately,  population health for our customers.”

Innovu is also seeing massive growth in the employer market. Their SAAS platform and comprehensive menu of targeted solutions are supporting the HealthBar team across the following areas:

  • human capital risk management
  • health benefit optimization and engagement
  • fully integrated claims data
  • AI-driven analytics
  • health information insights

With Innovu, HealthBar is not only able to drive savings opportunities for clients but can also leverage tools to help provide financial reporting and insights for employee benefit agent partners and employers, alike.

“Innovu provides comprehensive solutions for organizations like HealthBar to optimize their clinical expertise through actionable data. As the market leader in healthcare data analytics, Innovu is supporting HealthBar, its agent partners, and plan sponsors to make informed procurement and plan design decisions that improve population health, optimize benefits, and achieve better outcomes.” states Innovu Managing Director Steve Yonan.


About HealthBar

HealthBar is a custom healthcare services company providing on-demand, concierge medical care to a wide variety of clients and industries. Their goal is to change lives and how healthcare is delivered by providing a more consumer-friendly, transparent model of service. Their services can be ordered as a package or independently. Improving access, reducing cost, and focusing on healthy lifestyles and habits drive their core mission of reducing an individual’s dependence on the healthcare system. You can learn more at

About Innovu

Innovu was founded on the belief that by bringing together vast silos of data, we can unlock powerful knowledge to solve complex challenges. Innovu is dedicated to helping advisors and their clients stay ahead of the curve regarding benefits strategy. Innovu provides advisors with our cutting-edge InnovuLens® platform, coupled with Customer Success experts. This total solution will drive savings opportunities for employers, provide financial reporting and the tools for plan sponsors to adhere to the Consolidated Appropriations Act. You can learn more at

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